mercoledì 1 settembre 2010

la mia vita per Mick Karn

Diciamo che non si può dire di amare la musica e poi non conoscere Mick Karn, uno dei più straordinari bassisti/polistrumentisti della storia della musica europea. Già bassista dei Japan, ha segnato la storia dello strumento con sonorità e glissandi veramente audaci e di straordinaria intensità. Ha anche saputo costruire arrangiamenti complessi ma mai complicati per una serie infinita di collaborazioni che ha il sapore del genio misconosciuto ma assolutamente rispettato. Un piccolo gioiello, insomma, che dovremmo curare e riscoprire continuamente. Che però...
With great sadness we regret to inform you that Mick has recently been diagnosed with advanced stages of cancer. Mick is currently in a positive mood and undergoing further tests and treatment. His family and friends are close with him, supporting him in practical ways, and surrounding him with their love, friendship and care.
Mick has been struggling financially for some considerable time now and we are hoping that this appeal may help to raise funds for any necessary treatment and perhaps go some way towards providing a small degree of financial support whilst Mick's immediate family provide the care and comfort we would all wish for him. We are hoping that his friends, fans and musical colleagues will, over the coming months, offer any support they feel capable of giving. Quite aside from the sheer brunt of daunting medically-related costs, Mick's clear and major concern is for the security and well being of his wife and young son.
If you would like to make a donation whether as an individual or as a group, you can do so via the paypal link below which has been set up for this sole and express purpose. Any support you are able to give, no matter how small, could make a difference in helping Mick cope during this difficult period. His friends will be looking at a variety of ways to raise funds.
If you would simply like to leave your kind messages of support for Mick, please do so, here: Messages
We will keep you all updated as often as we can.
Please do note that news is released with Mick's full approval.
Posted: 3rd June 2010

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