giovedì 9 giugno 2011

not too late


Alessandro --

On Tuesday night, just before the midnight deadline, we met our goal of bringing in 20,000 new donors to the campaign through our donor-matching drive.

That's amazing -- but I still need your help, because it turns out this isn't quite over. Hundreds of supporters who stepped up to double a new donor's first-time donation are still waiting for a match.

We can't afford to leave any matches on the table -- especially in the early days of this campaign, when money goes the farthest in building our grassroots infrastructure.

It's not too late to double your impact and connect with a fellow supporter.

Can you help us match every pledge by making a gift of $5 or more today?

The person waiting to match your first donation gave because they know we're building a different kind of campaign. We aren't financed by corporate special interests or Washington lobbyists, and unlike our opponents, our candidate has a day job to worry about. So he's counting on people like you to build the kind of grassroots organization we'll need to bring even more people on board this summer and win this election next year.

Make a matched donation of $5 and help us bring this drive to a close:



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America


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