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54.5 mpg

Alessandro --

Anyone who cares about the environment and what we pay at the pump needs to hear this news.

The details get a little complicated -- I had to study up to write this thing -- but bear with me, because this is important.

This week, the President unveiled the next round of a program to make America's cars more efficient -- the most important step our country's taken to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, cut pollution, and bring down costs for drivers.

Getting it done meant bringing together stakeholders -- from auto workers and union representatives to manufacturers and environmental leaders -- to offer their two cents and agree upon a program and set of standards. In light of what's happening on Capitol Hill as I write this, it's a welcome reminder of what can happen when folks put aside their differences and work together to do big things for our country.

This announcement follows up on an aggressive plan that the administration put in place back in 2009, setting ambitious fuel-efficiency and greenhouse-gas standards for 2012-2016 model cars and trucks. That plan alone is estimated to save 1.8 billion barrels of oil -- and save families up to $3,000 at the pump -- over these vehicles' lifetimes. And this new program, covering model years 2017-2025, takes real, tangible steps to raise the bar even higher, nearly doubling the current fuel efficiency of the average car.

This is a big deal. Everyone from truck drivers to farmers to teachers to business owners feel the burden of transportation costs -- and will feel the effects of these improvements.

Because you're someone who has let us know that you're particularly interested in clean energy and environmental issues, we wanted to make sure you heard about this news. We've pulled the information you need about this plan into a graphic you can share with your friends and family.

Check it out, and spread the word.

Here's what this program will mean in the short term: We'll start seeing more electric and hybrid vehicles from manufacturers and more clean-diesel, efficient SUVs and sedans. Automakers will have new incentives to make smart, innovative cars and trucks -- from the materials they choose down to the design of their engines and transmissions. They'll be turning to start-up companies in the clean-energy sector and in advanced battery manufacturing, helping to create jobs across the country.

And in the long term, the results of this program are huge. Here are a couple numbers to show how it will break down:

    -- By model year 2025, the average American car or truck will get 54.5 miles a gallon (the average car currently gets 23.8 mpg).
    -- We'll have saved 12 billion barrels of oil and eliminated 6 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide pollution.
    -- A family that purchases a new car in 2025 will save $8,200 in fuel costs, compared with what they'd pay for gas for a similar vehicle bought in 2010.
    -- All told, American drivers will save nearly $2 trillion over the life of the program.

Take a look at the infographic we've put together to learn more about what the President's announcement means for all of us:

This is something every American needs to hear about, so you should spread the word.



Mitch Stewart
Battleground States Director
Obama for America

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