venerdì 12 agosto 2011

there's a Republican debate


Alessandro --

You probably weren't planning to watch Fox News tonight. But right now, the Republicans are holding their first Iowa debate. I'm tuning in -- and you should, too.

What we're seeing unfold on their side is a race to the right, where it's becoming difficult to distinguish the candidates from each other -- and from the Tea Party Republicans in Congress. I suspect that tonight it will become even more clear that this whole group is way out of the mainstream.

We've put together a helpful guide to a few of the more fascinating positions they've taken. Over the course of the night, we'll be paying close attention to what these candidates say -- and what they don't say. Will they backtrack? Will they double down? Will they hope we forget? Check it out, and pass it on:

Keep this page open as you watch the debate -- we'll be keeping score of the candidates' statements and misstatements, and asking folks to share what happens with their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Tune in to the the debate now.

More to come,


Jim Messina
Campaign Manager
Obama for America


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