sabato 15 ottobre 2011

they got it wrong


Alessandro --

Just six days before the last fundraising deadline, one major newspaper ran a story under the headline "Small donors are slow to return to the Obama fold."

You and a whole lot of other supporters turned that headline upside down. Today we filed a report with the FEC that shows this movement isn't just as strong as ever -- it's growing.

Sometimes the media gets so caught up in its own echo chamber that the storyline separates from the facts.

The great thing about building a grassroots organization based outside of Washington is that the press won't decide what happens here -- you will.

In fact, right now, just shy of 1 million people like you have taken ownership of this campaign by pitching in whatever they can afford.

You can help us all get to that milestone today.

Another supporter is going to match whatever you're able to give right now. If you pitch in, you'll see who that person is, and where they're from. They may even leave a note for you.

Donate today and own a piece of this movement.

No matter what happens in the inside-the-beltway media circus, or what the pundits are predicting, we've got to stay focused on building this campaign from the ground up, one grassroots donation at a time.

When each of us takes responsibility as a supporter, the combined impact sends a stronger message than any single newspaper story.

You can do that right now.

Become one of the first million people giving, and your donation will be matched -- doubling your impact:



Rufus Gifford
National Finance Director
Obama for America


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