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#Video #Obama: "It's a pretty simple proposition"

Alessandro --

I wanted to make sure you heard about this: At the most recent Republican debate, the audience booed a gay servicemember who asked the candidates if they would try to undo the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." And during the debate not a single one of the Republican candidates stepped up to support him, or even so much as thanked him for his service -- even though he is fighting for our country every single day.

No member of our armed forces should face that kind of disrespect. So when President Obama spoke at the Human Rights Campaign's annual dinner this past weekend, he called out the Republican candidates for failing to stand up for all of our men and women in uniform. Check it out:

President Obama speaks at Human Rights Campaign annual dinner

We should be proud of the work we all did to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," pass hate crimes legislation, extend benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees, and more. And the organizing work we're doing now for 2012 will help us protect what we've won and keep moving our nation forward towards equality. As the President put it, "every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our society. It's a pretty simple proposition."

During his speech, he spoke of his commitment to repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and making our schools safe for every student -- just a few examples of the progress he's been working for since before the 2008 campaign. He also said we have to keep working to ensure our families and our country as a whole prosper -- creating jobs, bringing economic security to the middle class, and ensuring everyone has access to an affordable education affect LGBT Americans just as much as everyone else and are our fights, too.

This movement we're building can break through the gridlock and inaction. We've already proved that.

Watch some highlights from the speech here, then ask your friends who care about equality to watch, too, and join up:

There's a lot more to do. It matters that you're in for the fights ahead.



Jamie Citron
Director, LGBT Vote
Obama for America

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