venerdì 20 luglio 2012

Michelle Obama: "Do just one thing"

Alessandro --

You've probably heard Barack say that this election will be a lot closer than the last one -- and it's true. This could all come down to just a few votes per precinct in key states.

That's why I want you to be a part of "It Takes One" -- a new effort we're launching today. It's simple: We're asking folks to commit to doing just one thing to help build our campaign right now, whether that's registering a new voter, pitching in at a local office for one hour, or recruiting one friend to volunteer.

I know there's a reason why the outcome in November matters to you -- and your one action will be a part of something bigger.

If every supporter gets started right now by taking one simple action to help our campaign grow, the combined impact could make all the difference on Election Day.

Help kick off "It Takes One" by sharing the story of who brought you into this campaign -- so that we can inspire even more people to get involved.

Think about the impact you can have if you just take one other person with you the next time you go to a phone bank. You'll reach twice as many people as you would on your own. And if that extra person can convince someone else to come along to the next phone bank after that, your impact grows and grows.

That kind of grassroots organizing is at the core of our campaign -- and it always has been.

After Barack and I were first married, we spent every Saturday with friends collecting signatures for his first race. We talked to neighbors and folks we'd never even met about what was happening in the community -- and how Barack could help.

Being a part of "It Takes One" is based on that same idea -- of engaging with people one-on-one. And that's how we'll succeed this fall: It's about one person bringing in another, who brings in another, until we have the strength and the votes we need to win on November 6th.

Be a part of this new effort from the start -- share your story and help someone else see that it takes just one to make a difference in this election:



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